Corporate Wellness Program

Increase Productivity and Motivate Employees with a Corporate Wellness Program

Each dollar you invest in Wellness has the potential for a $5.93 return on investment by reducing medical costs, absenteeism, and Worker’s Compensation1

Corporate Chair Massage

Reduce physical and emotional stress while boosting morale for your employees.

  • Improve thinking and awareness
  • Increase energy, stamina and flexibility
  • Relieve muscle pain and headaches
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Encourage better posture

Desktop Yoga

Enhance office productivity and improve concentration for better focus on the job. (Only available at select AlignLife locations)

  • Gain better control over actions
  • Improve focus and clarity of thought
  • Reduce anxiety and muscle tension
  • Improve sense of well being

Ergonomic Evaluation and Training

Ergonomically-correct work stations have reduced the incidence of Repetitive Stress Injuries and cut costs associated with Worker’s Compensation. Customized training programs can give your employees techniques to reduce current pain or discomfort and lower their risk of future injury

Call Today To Discuss Your Company’s Unique Needs And Implementation Of Corporate Wellness Strategies.

Research shows that companies who invest in employee workplace health programs incur lower overall health care expenses. Additionally, employees who partake in wellness programs are often more productive. Wellness programs help to reduce workplace stress and physical activity can even improve focus. Contact AlignLife today for more information on our Corporate Wellness Program.

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Lunch n Learn

12 Weeks to Wellness

AlignLife’s signature program provides inspirational and educational health presentations to drive productivity, decrease sick days, enhance morale, and improve employee health. Promote a corporate culture that instills a wellness lifestyle and promotes great employee-employer relationships.

These six dynamic presentations can be provided over a 12 week period and will focus on stress management, energy enhancement, better food choices, weight loss, and reduced risk of disease.

  1.  5 Keys to Health

    Learn the 5 keys to maximize your health potential, energy levels, and your life. Employees will also have the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with a health coach to set health goals and create a plan to reach those goals.

  2.  The Damaging Effects of Stress

    Learn the damaging effects of excess stress and how it impacts your mood, body, and productivity. Employees will receive onsite functional adrenal testing and the opportunity for customized recommendations to improve work productivity, adrenal function, and overall health.

  3.  Body Movement Challenge

    Learn how exercise plays a vital role in your health and how to use it to your workplace’s advantage. Employees will learn how to spend only 20 minutes a day to change their life and energy levels.

  4.  The Secrets of Reading Labels

    Learn how to find the hidden ingredients in food that may be harming your health and tips to streamline grocery shopping. Employees will also receive a diet analysis and the A2G Program to simplify healthy eating habits.

  5.  Maximizing Your Sleep

    Learn the eight simple steps to engage in quality sleep on a daily basis. Employees will also learn about key nutrients and healthy habits that can help improve quality and quantity of sleep without medications or side effects. Discounts on melatonin testing will also be available.

  6.  Your Pain, Your Posture, and Your Potential

    Learn how your posture can play a key role in your health. AlignLife will also engage your employees with exercises to reduce pain and prevent injury, a postural assessment and customized recommendations to enhance their posture.

AlignLife's 12 week "Lunch n Learn" program teaches employees how to lead a healthier lifestyle, both inside and outside of the workplace. We offer an educational experience for companies to promote a corporate culture that is focused on employee wellness. Over this 12 week program, AlignLife provides guidance on energy enhancement, stress management, weight loss, nutritional choices, and more. Contact AlignLife today for more information on our 12 Week to Wellness program.

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